Mill Valley Dentist Discusses Key Issues To Cover With Your Dentist

Written by Dr. McConnell on Aug 16, 2022

Your dental team is designed to help you reach your dental goals, and achieve a healthy and attractive smile. With that in mind, our Mill Valley dentists have put together some helpful information about topic areas to cover with your team…

Toothbrush Bristles

When you meet with your dental team, talk to your dentist about which type of toothbrush you should be using. You’ll notice that bristles are available in levels ranging from “soft” to “extra firm.” Your dentist will help you find the right bristle for you—it will effectively clean your teeth and gums without being too abrasive on your teeth and gums.

Semi-annual Appointments

Don’t forget to talk to your dentist about your best schedule for professional cleanings as assessments. While the American Dental Association’s general recommendation of twice-yearly appointments is suitable for many people, some of us need to see our dentists more frequently. If you aren’t sure what schedule is right for you, just bring it up with your team—they’re there to help!


Your dental team can also collaborate with you to determine whether bruxism intervention and treatment is necessary to combat dental grinding. If you have been living with jaw pain, headaches, interrupted sleep, tooth pain, or neck soreness, please don’t hesitate to talk to your team about next steps.

As you can see, your dentist can be a wealth of information on a number of important topics. To reach our Mill Valley dentist, specifically, please don’t hesitate to call our office!