Our Mill Valley Dental Team Shares Tips For Maintaining Oral Health When You’re Sick

Written by Dr. McConnell on Feb 4, 2020

Our Mill Valley dentists have found that many people find it difficult to adequately care for their smiles when they are under the weather. This is totally understandable; when your energy levels are low and you’re experiencing unpleasant symptoms, your daily routine can suffer as a result.

However, taking special care of your smile can help you feel better faster. So, our team has put together this article with info to help you make healthy dental decisions!

Here are some simple steps you can take to prioritize your smile:

Brush as recommended

The general recommendation from the ADA is for patients to brush every morning and every night before bed. You definitely want to keep up with this schedule, and you can talk to your dental team about whether additional brushing could be beneficial. Brushing too often can actually lead to enamel deterioration, so make sure to talk it out with your dentist.

Switch brushes

Old toothbrushes can harbor dangerous bacteria, so when you’re not feeling well, you may want to swap your existing brush out for a fresh one.

Stay hydrated

Drinking enough water is crucial for whole-body health, and it is especially beneficial for your smile. When you are well-hydrated, your body is able to produce enough saliva to neutralize bacteria and re-mineralize dental enamel. Try keeping a water bottle within reach of your bed, so that you can combat dry mouth.

Use products with Xylitol

Xylitol is a sweetener that can be used as a substitute for sugar. Oral bacteria are not able to feed on Xylitol like they do on sugars, so when you’re ill, look for lozenges etc. that include Xylitol rather than sugar.

Some simple adjustments to your dental routine can help you feel better faster, and minimize your risk of developing serious oral health issues. Want more information? Our Mill Valley dentists can help! Give us a call to get started.