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Don’t miss out on life because you’re missing teeth.

Restore your smile for good with state-of-the-art dental implants!

Cone Beam CT Imaging For Dental Implants

At Mill Valley Dentistry, we utilize Cone Beam CT Imaging to deliver exceptional results during dental implant treatment. 

Cone Beam CT (CBCT) imaging creates a comprehensive, interactive 3-D virtual model of your mouth and jawbones. These images are more detailed and more interactive than traditional X-rays. 

CBCT empowers our dentists to pre-plan dental implant placement down to the tiniest detail. Using the virtual model of your mouth, we can see exactly where in the jawbone we will place your dental implant root. Our dentist can also walk through a “virtual surgery” prior to your dental implant appointment. You’ll benefit from amount of detailed pre-planning that Cone Beam allows us to do, and you’ll spend less time in the dentist’s chair.

Cone Beam CT technology is completely non-invasive and comfortable for the patient. CBCT exams expose the patient to less radiation that conventional CT scans.

Dental implant technology has transformed our ability to treat tooth loss of all kinds. This innovative treatment creates a stable, permanent replacement tooth that actively supports oral health.

A dental implant restoration is designed to mimic the structure of a natural tooth. Every replacement tooth is held in place with a titanium screw, which extends into the jawbone; this screw serves as the replacement tooth root.

Here’s what really makes the dental implant special: over time, the titanium root of the implant actually bonds to the natural bone tissue—this process is called osseointegration. Once the implant base and the jawbone have fused, you have an exceptionally stable foundation for your restoration.

In addition to offering individual, full-sized dental implants, our team uses mini implant roots to permanently secure larger prostheses, like dentures. This technology is truly remarkable!

Why choose Mill Valley dentists Dr. McConnell and Dr. Silverman for dental implants?

Your One-Stop-Shop

Our tooth replacement dentists cover every aspect of dental implant treatment—from start to finish—right here in our Mill Valley office. We know that this is the most convenient set-up for our patients. Plus, because we oversee the whole of the treatment process, we are able to make sure that every aspect of your smile works harmoniously with your new tooth.

Reclaim Your Life

Dental implants are the most natural looking and feeling replacement teeth available in dentistry. Once your new tooth is in place you’ll be able to eat, drink, speak, and care for your smile normally. Versatile dental implants are designed to fit you, and your life, in every way.

The Healthy Choice

Tooth loss can destroy the health of a patient’s smile; dental implants work to minimize the damage, and improve oral health. Once in place, these replacement teeth prevent your natural teeth from shifting along your gumline. The titanium implant root is also essential; as it bonds to your natural jawbone, it helps to keep the surrounding bone tissue healthy and strong. And, because dental implants are not anchored to adjacent teeth, they don’t put unnecessary strain on your dental enamel.

What Our Patients Are Saying

As a former dental assistant, I have an insider perspective on good dentistry. Dr. McConnell runs an exemplary practice that, in my opinion, is unparalleled...

— Beverly

I've had positive experiences with almost every dentist (a long list...) who has treated me. Dr. McConnell and his staff take professional skill, courtesy, and patient comfort to a whole new level.

— Louisa N.

I am on my way to getting my true smile back afters almost twenty years. The kindness and compassion I have felt, along with the incredible level of expertise you have in your field, have enabled me to put my trust in you, and I am now starting to feel good about myself again.

— Joseph

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