Mill Valley Root Canal Dentist Helps You Understand The Treatment Process

Written by Dr. McConnell on Apr 27, 2021

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, dental damage and infection occurs. The good news is that there are treatment options available to help you address oral health problems and get back on track. One of these options is root canal therapy. Keep reading to learn more from our Mill Valley root canal dentists

Why Does Root Canal Therapy Become Necessary?

This type of restorative treatment becomes necessary when a specific tooth is irrevocably damaged, due to either fracture or infection. The center of the tooth contains dental pulp, tissues, nerves, and roots—it is this material with which we are primarily concerned during root canal treatment.

What’s The Treatment Process Like?

The root canal process begins with a thorough assessment, which allows our team to clearly see the areas of your smile that are damaged. Using digital X-rays, we can see how extensive the damage is, and we can make a plan for removing harmful dental material.

The next step is for our team to remove dentin or dental enamel that is beyond repair. Remember, the tooth doesn’t have the ability to heal itself, so it’s best to get rid of this dental material as quickly as possible.

We then move on to clearing out the inner core of your tooth—this is where the dental pulp, tissues, roots, and sensitive nerves live. We are essentially hollowing out your visible tooth structure, in an effort to save the tooth as a whole.

Finally, our team will sterilize the tooth, and repair it with a custom restoration. You end up with a tooth that looks and feels whole, and you stop the spread of infection.

If you are dealing with oral health problems and damaged teeth, our Mill Valley root canal dentists are here to help! Contact our team by phone, or through the Contact Us page on our website to get started.