Our Mill Valley Teen Invisalign Dentists Help Patients Perfect Their Smiles

Written by Dr. McConnell on Oct 31, 2023

Invisalign is one of those popular, versatile treatments that help patients of many ages. Our Mill Valley Invisalign dentists have found that people love how convenient Invisalign is, and how discreet it is. As you may imagine, many teens prefer Invisalign to traditional orthodontics that use metal. Keep reading to learn more!


Metal brackets and wires are pretty hard to miss once they are in place. On the other hand, Invisalign aligners are completely clear. These aligners fit snugly over your teeth, so, once they are in place, your real smile will shine through. Using Invisalign rather than conventional orthodontics can be a real confidence booster.


Many of our teen orthodontic patients report that they’re particularly self-conscious about getting things caught in their braces and accumulating plaque and tartar build-up. Here again, Invisalign can help. Because these composite resin aligners are completely removable, you will still be able to brush, floss, and complete professional cleanings throughout the treatment process. Generally speaking, it is much easier to maintain a fresh and clean smile when you use Invisalign rather than metal orthodontics. 

Convenience And Comfort

These smooth aligners are not abrasive like traditional brackets and wires; they will not irritate and cut up oral tissues. Plus, it is easy for teens to keep up with their regular activities while they perfect their smiles using Invisalign. In particular, playing instruments, and wearing protective mouth guards for sports and activities are easy with Invisalign.

Invisalign is truly designed to fit into the patient’s life and daily routine, and teen cosmetic dentistry patients appreciate this ease of use.

Our Mill Valley Invisalign dentists can give you any additional information and guidance that you need to make a sound decision for your smile. The best way to get started is to schedule a personal consultation with our team!